CMR Law Group

General Litigation

The firm’s litigation practice covers a wide array of civil litigation in both state and federal court. We represent businesses and individuals in a variety of disputes including;

           -Breach of Contract



          -Fiduciary duty and partnership disputes

          -Employment disputes including discrimination

          -Insurance coverage and defense

          -Real estate disputes

          -Franchise disputes

          -Trade secret actions
Our clients hire us to take on complex litigation matters covering multiple areas of law. For some clients, we have secured million dollar judgments while others have received valuable advice leading to favorable settlements.  Still others have seen Rab & Khan vigorously defend them in courtrooms throughout Illinois and Indiana.  For all of our litigation clients, regardless of their size or dispute, we provide thorough analysis and swift execution.  
We routinely take our client through all stages of their disputes, from drafting initial demand letters, drafting complaints and pre-trial motions, conducting discovery, taking cases to trial, and enforcing judgments. Often the most valuable service we offer to our clients is to the creation a litigation strategy that is optimally tailored to our clients’ business and personal goals.

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